"The idea was that there was a lamp on the left side of the sofa, which sort of threw a smile face on the wall..and then there was a vodka glass skull, which meant to reflect that John hadn’t quite made his escape and was still connected to 221B. - Arwel Wyn Jones at Baker Street Vienna” (from the fantastic notes of somelikeitpink)

First of all

*wipes eyes/nose/face* Ok.

So what do you think? Is that the vodka glass skull? Although the third picture is the genuine Crystal Skull Vodka, I think the one John and Mary’s flat resembles more to this cheap copy as it has longer necked stopper.

Of course, if someone can better this and actually find the thing in the second picture, even better.

I couldn’t find any lamp that throws a smiley face on the wall in the flat. Most of the decor is same from Many Happy Returns to His Last Vow, except a few things. One of them is a lamp on the side of the sofa towards the window. The one in MHR is different than the one HLV. But I can’t say anything more than that.

Oh and the vodka glass skull stayed in HLV too. Didn’t quite escape the lure of 221B, did you John.